CKM Educates its Student Athletes about the NCAA and How to Obtain an NCAA Scholarship

A large portion of our client base are athletes that have goals of participating in University Athletics, not only to take their game to another level, but to plan for the future off the ice as well. Receiving a great education is extremely important and thus has become a major part of our life planning for young athletes initiatives. We are knowledgeable about the specific requirements of the NCAA and the GPA that is needed upon completion of the SAT test. In addition, our network allows players unparalleled access and ease of entry into scholarship programs so that economic limitations do not prevent them from attending a school of their choice. Throughout the process, CKM can provide teaching professionals with specific backgrounds to isolate troubled areas and bring them up to the NCAA requirement. Our academic knowledge provided will help leave little to chance in obtaining a scholarship.

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Canadian and American Post-Secondary Scholarship Network

CKM Sports Management allows you to focus on your game while we establish a smooth transition into University athletics by ensuring your eligibility, amateur certification, and adherence to NCAA Regulations. We have a network of contacts to best position our athletes for that perfect opportunity. Through the process of future planning, athlete development and strong leadership, CKM is committed to making this goal a reality.

CKM focuses on finding the most ideal opportunity for its athletes, both in terms of location (Canada and the U.S.) and program fit. Through evaluating client’s strengths, we design a strategy to narrow the group of possible teams and cater to the athlete ’s requests- all while providing a complete evaluation of current NCAA opportunities available.

List of NCAA Division 1 Hockey Schools

Academic Tutoring

The focus of improving academic performance is projected by educational institutions every day. The reality is one cannot improve by just learning new material and moving forward with a 4.0 GPA achievement in mind. Aspects such as studying style, focus, information processing, and memory are all different depending on the individual. Furthermore, the aspects that best allow for academic improvement may be very different from the aspects being employed by the student. The strategy of academic improvement does not merely mean “studying harder”, rather it means improving the aspects within the process that best fits the student and provides the best results.

Why are Academics important to my Growth as a Hockey Player?

One of the most important aspects of attaining a University Scholarship is achieving and maintaining the academic requirements. The NCAA employs strict academic requirements for students prior to being awarded an athletic scholarship. As a result, it is imperative that students know what the requirements are and  move forward with plan to achieve and maintain those requirements. The strategy of academic improvement is one that once perfected and implemented can be used throughout an educational career. The NCAA reviews all scholarships on a yearly basis; therefore the benefit of academic improvement not only ensures NCAA eligibility but also ensures that a client won’t lose a scholarship due to educational shortfalls.

Tom McEvay – Post-Secondary Education Consultant for Hockey Players

Tom had set a goal to become a teacher at a young age so he enrolled directly in the Education program at UBC. Tom graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s of Education degree and, later finished a Masters of Education degree at the University of Victoria.

Tom retired in June 2012 after 34 years in public education, 25 of those years as a school Principal. He has an extensive background in hockey that included a Junior Hockey career and a University Hockey scholarship. For the past 10 years, Tom has been the Educational Advisor of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs Junior A Hockey Team. During the past decade he has developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable people in the country, regarding how education and hockey should be balanced. When Tom retired from public education, he quickly determined that his work in hockey and education would be one of the commitments he would pursue because it is a field that is terribly misunderstood and neglected.

Tom offers personalized post-secondary education consulting to both individuals and teams. For more information about availability, schedule and pricing contact:

Tom McEvay 
Phone: 250‐724‐0577: